"What a great idea!"

--daughter #2

OurHomeAcademy is the brainchild of a grandfather (me) whose daughters will be homeschooling their kids this fall. 


I am so proud of them and the commitment they’re making. What an unexpected change in their lives! Yet like millions of you, my daughters are up to the challenge.


I wanted some way to encourage them and support them and their families. And to let them know that I believe what they are doing is noble and valuable and courageous. But most of all, LOVING.


So I had this little idea. It’s just a fun thing. Something light and happy. A little encouragement and recognition for all they do for their kids, my grandkids. 


It was just like them to insist that I share it with others. 


So, welcome to OurHomeAcademy! I hope you and your kids—and grandkids!—will enjoy showing off your home school spirit. 


Best to all,


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